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Vinalhaven School Policy Documents

(updated 9/18/2017)

Foundations and Basic Commitments
Board Governance and Operations
General School Administration
Fiscal Management
Support Services
Facilities Development
School Community Relations
Section L: Student Handbook and Sports Policy
Section M: Miscellaneous Procedural and Policy Docs


Section A: Foundations and Basic Commitments
Report ID Report Description
ACAA-VH Harrassment & Sexual Harrassment of Students 11/18/02
ACAB-R-VH Employee Discrimination & Harrassment Complaint Procedure 11/18/02
ACAB-VH Harrassment & Sexual Harrassment of School Employees 11/18/02
ACAD-VH Hazing 11/18/02
ACA-VH Gender Neutral Language 11/18/02
AC-VH Nondiscrimination Equal Opportuntiy and Affirmative Action 11/18/02
ADAA-VH School System Committment to Standards for Ethical & Responsible Behavior 11/18/02
ADA-VH School District Goals & Objectives 11/18/02
ADC-VH Tobacco Use & Possession 11/18/02
ADF-VH MSAD#8 Commitment to Learning Results 11/18/02
AD-R-VH Vinalhaven School Mission & Vision 11/18/02
AD-VH Educational Philosophy & Mission 11/18/02
Section B: Board Governance and Operations
Report ID Report Description Adpt/Rev
BBAA-VH Board Member Authority & Responsibility 11/18/02
BBA-VH School Board Power and Responsibilities 11/18/02
BCA-VH Board Member Code of Ethics 11/18/02
BCB-VH Board Member Conflict of Interest 11/18/02
BCC-VH Nepotism 11/18/02
BDA-VH Board Organizational Meeting 9/16/13
BDB-VH Board Officers 12/16/02
BEC-E-VH Executive Session Law 11/18/02
BEC-VH Executive Sessions 11/18/02
BEDA-VH Notification of Board Meetings 11/18/02
BEDB-VH Agenda Preparation & Dissemination 11/18/02
BEDH-VH Public Participation at School Board Meetings 11/15/10
BE-VH School Board Meetings 12/16/02
BG-R-VH School Board Policy Adoption Procedure 12/15/10
BG-VH School Board Policy Process 11/18/02
BIA-VH New Board Member Orientation 11/18/02
Section C: General School Administration
Report ID Report Description Adpt/Rev
CBI-VH Evaluation of the Superintendent 5/16/16
CB-VH School Superintendent 4/11/11
  Chemical Hygiene Plan  
Section D: Fiscal Management
Report ID Report Description Adpt/Rev
DJH-VH Purchasing & Contracting 10/20/15
DN-VH Disposition of School Property other than Real Estate 11/18/02
Section E: Support Services
Report ID Report Description Adpt/Rev
EBAA-VH Chemical Hazards 3/15/10
EBCA-VH Crisis Response Plan 12/17/07
EBCC-VH Bomb Threats 12/17/07
EBCF-VH AED's in School 09/15/08
ECB-VH Pest Management in School failities and on School Grounds 12/17/07
EEAEAA-R-VH Drug and Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drivers - Adminiistrative Procedure 12/17/07
EEAEAA-VH Drug & Alcohol Testing of School Bus Drvers 12/17/07
EEA-VH Student Transportation Services 4/11/11
EEBB-VH Off Island Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students 13/12/2017
EFD-VH Payment for Food Service 01/24/2018
EFE-VH Competitive Food Sales 3/22/07
Section F: Facilities Development
Report ID Report Description Adpt/Rev
FF-VH Naming of Facilites 5/16/11
FFA-VH Memorials 10/25/15
Section G: Personnel
Report ID Report Description Adpt/Rev
GBEBB Staff Conduct with Students 01/24/2018
GBEC-VH Drug Free Workplace 12/17/07
GBGE-VH Return to Work & Light Duty Assignments 3/20/06
GBO-VH Family Care Leave 3/15/10
GCF-VH Hiring of Instructional Staff 4/13/09
GCFA-VH Employee Social Media Privacy 2/10/16
GCFA-R-VH Hiring of Instructional Staff 4/13/09
GCFB-R-VH Recruiting & Hiring of Administrative Staff - Administrative Procedure 1/28/08
GCFB-VH Recruiting & Hiring of Administrative Staff 1/28/08
GCI-VH Professional Staff Development Opportunities 12/17/07
GCOA-VH Supervision & Evaluation of Professional Staff 1/28/08
GCOC-VH Evaluation of Administrative Staff 12/17/07
GCSA-E-VH Employee Computer & Internet Use Form  
GCSA-R-VH Employee Computer & Internet Use Rules & Procedure 4/18/08
GCSA-VH Employee Computer & Internet Use 4/14/08
Section H: Negotiations
Report ID Report Description Adpt/Rev
HA-VH Negotiation Goals 4/11/11
Section I: Instruction
Report ID Report Description Adpt/Rev
IC-VH School Calendar 5/16/11
IKFA-VH Participation in Graduation 8/20/14
IGA-VH Curriculum Development & Adoption 12/17/07
IHBAA-R-VH Referral-Prereferral Administrative Procedure 8/20/14
IHBAA-VH Referral and Use of General Education Intervention 8/20/14
IHBAA-VH Referral of Students with Disabilities 12/16/02
IHBAC-VH Child Find 8/20/14
IHBAG-R-VH Programming in the Least Restrictive Enviroment - Administrative Procedure 8/16/02
IHBAG-VH Programming in the Least Restrictive Enviroment 8/16/02
IHBAI-VH IEPS 12/16/02
IHBAJ-E-VH Progress Report Form 8/20/14
IHBAJ-VH Special Education Student Oversight Agreement 8/20/14
IHBAK-VH Life Sustaining Emergency Care 8/20/14
IHBAL-VH Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities 8/20/14
IHBA-VH IEPS 12/16/02
IHBGA-VH Home Schooling - Participation in School Programs 4/14/08
IHBGB-VH Rights for Private School & Home Schooling Students with Disabilities 4/14/08
IHBG-VH Home Schooling 4/14/08
IHCDA-VH Post Secondary Enrollment Options 4/17/2018
IJJ-E-VH Challenge of Instructional Materials Form  
IJJ-VH Instructional and Library Media Materials Selection 4/14/08
IJNDB-R1-VH MLTI Laptop Home Use Procedures 3/25/13
IJNDB-VH Student Internet & Appropriate Use 3/25/13
IKA-VH Course Grade Computation 4/25/18
IKA-1-VH Grade and Credit 4/25/18
IKE-VH Promotion-Rentention and Acceleration of Students 2/12/14
IKF-VH IKF Graduation Requirements 8/15/15
ILA-VH Student Assessment 3/15/10
ILD-VH Educational Research-Student Submission to Surveys-Analyses-or Evaluations 4/14/08
IL-VH Evaluation of Instructional Programs 7/20/11
IMBB-VH Exemption from Required Instruction 4/14/08
IMDA-VH Patriotic Exercises 12/14/09
Section J: Students
Report ID Report Description Adpt/Rev
JEA-VH Compulsory Attendance 8/15/2018
JFABD-VH Admission of Homeless Students 12/8/08
JFAB-VH Admission of Non-Resident Students 12/8/08
JFC-VH Dropout Prevention - Student Withdrawal from School 12/8/08
JICA-VH Student Dress 1/19/09
JICB-VH Care of School Property by Students 1/19/09
JICC-VH Student Conduct on Buses 1/19/09
JICH-VH Student Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Use 12/17/14
JICIA-VH Weapons,Violence & School Safety 12/15/08
JICJ-VH Student Use of Electronic Devices 3/19/14
JICK-VH Bullying 3/25/13
JIC-VH School Values & Code of Conduct 8/16/14
JICK-E1-VH Bullying Report Form  
JICK-E2-VH Bullying Investigation Form 3/25/13
JICK-E3-VH Bullying Action Taken Form  
JICK-E4-VH Flow chart 3/25/13
JICK-R-VH Bullying Admin Procedure 3/25/13
JIH-VH Questioning & Searches of Students 1/19/08
JI-VH Student Rghts & Responsibilities 1/19/09
JJC-VH Elementary School Performance & Rehersal Scheduling 5/11/09
JJE-VH Student Fundraising Guidelines 1/18/17
JJE-R-VH Class Advisor Duties and Responsibilites 11/20/13
JJH-VH Student Travel 8/17/16
JJH-R-VH Student Travel Procedures 9/21/16
JJIF-E-VH Concussions-InfoSheet 12/16/15
JJIF-VH Concussions 3/11/15
JJJ-VH Extra Curricular & Co Curricular Code of Conduct for Middle & High School Students 6/26/06
JKAA-VH JKAA Restrain and Seclusion 7/25/2018
JKAA-R-VH JKAA-R-Restraint Seclusion Regulations 7/25/2018
JKB-VH Detention of Students 1/19/09
JKD-VH Suspension of Students 1/19/09
JKE-R-VH Expulsion of Students - Administrative Procedures 1/19/09
JKE-VH Expulsion of Students 1/19/09
JKF-R-VH Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities - Administrative Procedure 12/8/08
JKF-VH Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities 8/20/14
JKGA-R-VH Time Out Rooms and Therapeutic Restraint - Administraive Procedure 12/8/08
JKGA-VH Time Out Rooms and Therapeutic Restraint 12/8/08
JKG-VH Physical Restraint 12/8/08
JK-VH Student Discipline 1/19/09
JL-VH JL-VH Student Wellness 7/25/18
JLCB-VH Immunization of Students 12/15008
JLCCA-VH Students with HIV-AIDS 12/8/09
JLCC-VH Communicable & Infectious Diseases 12/15/08
JLCD-VH JLCD-VH Administration of Medication to Students 12/15/08
JLDBG-VH Reintergration of Students from Juvenille Correction Facilites 12/8/08
JLDCA-VH Medical Marijuana 1/20/16
JLF-E-VH Suspected Abuse & Neglect Reporting Form  
JLF-R-VH Reporting-Child-Abuse-and-Neglect-Procedure 12/16/15
JLF-VH Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect 12/15/15
JRA-E-VH Notification of Rights under FERPA 12/15/08
JRA-R-VH Student Educational Records - Administrative Procedure 12/15/08
JRA-VH Student Educational Records 12/15/08
Section K: School Community Relations
Report ID Report Description Adpt/Rev
KBF-VH Title 1 Parent Involvement 12/15/08
KBF-E2-VH Title 1 Parent Involvement Policy 12/18/13
KE-VH Public Concerns and Complaints revised 11-26-12 4/26/12
KF-R Activity Release Form  
KF-VH Community Use of School Facilities - 3-31-08 fee update 9/16/13
KHB-VH Advertising in Schools 7/21/09

Visitors to the Schools and Public Conduct on School Property



  Section M: Miscellaneous Procedure and Polocy Documents  
Year   Adpt/Rev
2015 LAU Plan (IGBI) 11/8/15
2015 2015-2018 Technology Plan 7/1/2015
2014 Staff Handbook 7/25/16