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Middle School Boys Book Club

Boys, Books, & Bagels

Faculty Advisor: Susan Dempster

The MS boys' book club started last year at the request of a few MS boys who really wanted to get together and talk about books.  We started meeting halfway through the year, early in the morning, to discuss books and have breakfast.  The boys brought in ther favorite books, or books that they were reading at the time and we invited a 'guest guy' to join us for breakfast and share his favorite books with us.  The boys loved telling the others what they were reading: we heard about graphic novels, science fiction novels, funny books, and adventure series too.  The 'guest guys' brought in books ranging from poetry to historical fiction to philosophy to science fiction.

This school year we are trying something a little different.  Along with the librarian, Susan Dempster, & ed tech, Matt McGreevy , the club is meeting every 3 weeks and all reading the same book.  Our first book is No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman.  There is a big interest in looking at more graphic novels so that is where we are headed.  Check this site out for more info on graphic noves:

Boys, Books, and Bagels

Comic Book Vol.1

By Mr. McGreevy and Francis 'Frandogg' Warren