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French Club

Faculty Advisor: Susan Philbrook

The Vinalhaven French Club consists of students in High School French classes.  The level varies from French I-IV from year to year.  The club is a voluntary, after-school group that plans and fundraises for a trip to a French-speaking country.

Last summer, the French club took a trip to France where we spent 4 days in Paris and 3 days in Nice.  The group consisted of four French III students and four French II students.  The trip included such sights as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, l'Opera Garnier, Monaco, and a chance to swim in the Mediterranian Ocean in Nice.  While in Paris, students had the opporunity to master the Paris Metro and take a rip on a TGV train.  The club looks forward to organizing and taking another tirp in the next two years.